Apply for school transport

The section entitled 'What to do if your child does not qualify for free transport' on our Who can get free school transport page contains further details about our discretionary travel scheme for September 2023.

Apply now

Returning students in 2023-24

If your child is:

  • Automatically entitled to free transport
  • Attending the same school next year

there is no need to reapply. Their existing travel pass will remain valid for the next school year. A new travel pass will only be issued if your child moves to a different bus service. 

If your child is moving on to the next stage of education, for example:

  • They are moving from infant school to junior school
  • They are moving from primary school to high school

you will need to reapply for school transport.

To apply for transport in 2022-23 to a school outside Norfolk, use the printable application form 2022-23 (pdf) or printable application form 2023-24 (pdf). It is not possible to apply online or by telephone.

You can track the progress of your online application. Allow five working days from when you submitted your application before checking.

Applications are usually processed in time for the start of term in September. However if you apply after 31 July, be prepared to make alternative travel arrangements.

Track the progress of your application

Use the printable application form 2022-23 (pdf) to apply for transport from September 2022 or the printable application form 2023-24 (pdf) to apply from September 23. 

You should read the home to school transport information sheet for children aged 5-16 2022-2023 (pdf) or the home to school transport information sheet for children aged 5-16 2023-2024 (pdf) before applying.

Post the completed form to:

Travel and Transport
Norfolk County Council
County Hall

Or you can email a scan of the completed form to:

If you’ve received a letter offering your child transport, use our online form to accept the offer.

Accept an offer of transport

If any details included in the letter are wrong or have changed, you’ll need to:

Online applications for the new academic year (from September) are usually available from May.

Use our online change of details form if you:

  • Change address
  • Change to a different school
  • Wish to request a different boarding point
  • Would prefer a different bus or train service
Change your details online

You may be able to claim back money spent on travel, if you applied before 31 July and there was a delay in issuing your pass.

If you apply after 31 July you can’t claim a refund for bus or train tickets purchased, unless the pass issued was incorrect and unusable.

To apply for a refund send your request, together with the tickets purchased, to:

Travel and Transport
Norfolk County Council
County Hall
Martineau Lane

The tickets must have been purchased at a cost-effective rate and be appropriate to the age of the pupil and the days they attended.

Travel and Transport may request confirmation of attendance from the school for audit purposes.

All refunds will be at the discretion of the appropriate Travel and Transport Manager.