Easton & Otley College: Otley Campus

We provide transport on behalf of the college for students living in certain parts of Suffolk and Essex. If you live on one of the bus routes shown in these Otley Timetables for 2018-19 then you can apply to Norfolk County Council using the online link at the bottom of this page.

Otley Bus Routes Map - 2018-19
Otley - Norfolk County Council Conditions of Travel

Transport will also be provided for students too old to qualify under the post16 travel scheme (19 years or over) if they travel on these direct routes. Visit the Easton & Otley College website for a printable application form.

Cycle allowances and the Daily Payer option are not available for students attending Otley Campus. Please note that Norfolk County Council only provides travel on the direct bus routes; if you require any additional support to reach the pick-up point you need to apply to your local authority.

For further information use the following link: Otley campus transport information.

Visit the Easton & Otley College website

Post16 travel scheme 

You will be required to pay towards any post16 transport. For post16 payment information visit cost and payment.

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