Transfer to junior school

The transfer to junior school admission round for September 2018 is for children in their last year at infant school (aged 7+ on 1 September 2018). These pupils are deemed “due to transfer” which is a term used in admissions rules.

Only children who are in their last year (Year 2) at an Infant or First school will be considered “due to transfer”. Children who are attending a primary school on the opening day of the admission round are not considered as due to transfer.

Junior school admissions timetable 2017-18

Stage  Date
Round opens  8 November 2017
Round closes 15 January 2018
Applications forwarded to other admission authorities 7 February 2018
Applications returned by other admission authorities 16 March 2018
Data exchange with other local authorities 19-23 March 2018
Co-ordination scheme applied (no further changes until after offer day)     3 April 2018
National Offer day 16 April 2018
Appeals closing date 3 May 2018
Late application closing date 9 May 2018
Mini admission round to consider changes 16 May 2018
Appeals hearings June/July 2018
Waiting lists maintained to 31 December 2018 


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