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Community risk management plan

By law, Norfolk's Fire and Rescue Service has to produce a Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP). Until recently, this was referred to as an Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP). Our latest CRMP was approved in March 2023.

The CRMP sets out:

  • How we will achieve our goals of improving public safety, reducing the number of emergency incidents and saving lives
  • Our vision for the fire and rescue service and how we will achieve this

The plan is a complete review of fire and rescue provision in Norfolk. We have analysed the most significant risks to people and buildings in our county and have identified how we intend to respond to those risks within the budget and the resources we are given.

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service community risk management plan

Community Risk Management Plan 2023-26 (PDF) [5MB]

Previous integrated risk management plan

Integrated Risk Management Plan 2020-23 (PDF) [1MB]

We consulted on the draft Integrated Risk Management Plan 2020-23.

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service service delivery plan

NFRS Service Delivery Plan 2023-26 (PDF) [2MB]

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service people strategy

We are currently drafting an updated People Framework. 

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service People Strategy 2023 (PDF) [2MB]