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See how you can return to children's social work

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This is a great time to return as a social worker.

You may have left social work for any number of reasons and are now considering whether to return. Whether you're newly re-registered or don't need to re-register, there are a variety of ways back into social work at Norfolk County Council, with a wide range of teams, specialisms and disciplines.

We're here to help you return to practice and restart your social work journey.

Do you know which type of social work you want to return to?

Explore more about our services, teams, localities and what we can offer you below.

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What our social workers say about working for us...

Linda in a workspace


My managers are incredibly relatable mentors who really want the best for their team. Thanks to them, I have opportunities to explore my identity as a social worker.

Jane sitting at laptop in garden


Flexible and hybrid working means I can be at home when my children get in from school, and still do a great job for the families I support.

Ian standing on beach with wind turbines far in the background


The support from managers is great, and my career has progressed so quickly from newly qualified to where I am now.

Tammy at work


My career has really progressed since moving to Norfolk. I'm also involved in helping international social workers to transition their skills and settle into a new community.