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Libraries for under fives

Children and families of all ages are welcome in Norfolk libraries.

No child is ever too young to start listening to stories and joining in with rhymes, so enjoy exploring the library together. We hold free bounce and rhyme sessions and other activities for 0-5s across Norfolk. 

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Children under five-years-old can borrow up to 20 items for three weeks at a time. You can use our children's catalogue to search for and reserve your child’s favourite items or find something new. We also have story sacks containing picture and information books, toys and a game all linked to a story, audio books and DVDs.

No charges for overdue books, reservations or damaged items

This can be a very busy few years, so sometimes you forget to return a book or can’t make it to the library in time. As children learn to read they often use the same books again and again, so they do wear out more quickly.

We understand this so we do not charge for reservations, overdue or damaged items, if they borrowed on an under fives library card.

Family-friendly environment

We want to make the library a welcoming space for your family, so please do not worry about your children crying, talking, laughing, or emptying the shelves in search of the perfect book.

Norfolk Libraries are also breastfeeding friendly and you can bring in food and drinks as well.

All our libraries offer baby self-weigh scales, so you can visit at any time to check the weight of your baby.


All libraries offer free events for under fives. Our regular 'bounce and rhyme' sessions, help your baby or toddler enjoy songs and rhymes in a group environment. Sessions are free, you don't need to book and they continue through school holidays.

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How to join the library

Your child can join the library from birth. Join at any time by:

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