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No cold calling zones

A no cold calling zone is a designated area where the residents declare they will no longer accept traders calling at their homes without an appointment.

No cold calling zones are a deterrent to unscrupulous traders and bogus callers, who do not want to be recognised or ‘logged’ as working within an area.

Apply to become a no cold calling zone

You can apply online for an area to be a no cold calling zone.

Trading Standards support the collective wishes of the residents, so the majority of the people living in the area must want the zone to be created.

It’s also helpful to have support and agreement from the parish or town council and to have someone who can act as a local champion to help promote the zone.

No cold calling zones are suitable for areas where: 

  • There is evidence of a history of doorstep rogue trading/bogus calling
  • The area has a strong community bond/spirit and desire for the zone
  • The age and/or vulnerability of the residents causes them to be at greater risk through cold calling
  • The area is considered to be attractive to doorstep rogue traders
  • The area is distinct and can be clearly identifiable as a zone

What happens to the application?

One of our officers will assess the need for the zone and its potential success.  If the application is accepted, we will liaise with the local champion to set up the zone.  We supply signs, packs for residents containing advice and information and door stickers.  We offer continued support to established zones.

Tackling cold calls in a no cold calling zone

We follow up all reported incidents of cold calling.  This may be limited to finding out why a trader has ignored a designated no cold calling zone but may include more formal enquiries.

There is no law preventing cold calling. However, by law, you have 14 days to cancel contracts signed at home or your place of work for works costing more than £42. The trader must give you a cancellation notice, allowing a 14-day cooling off period.  It’s a criminal offence if they don’t do this and Trading Standards may be able to take enforcement action.

If you see doorstep cold callers operating in a No Cold Calling zone in Norfolk, please contact us through our partners the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on freephone 0808 223 1133 or online via their website.

You can also report doorstep cold calling incidents to Norfolk Police on 101 or if you feel intimidated or are concerned for vulnerable neighbours by calling 999.