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Norwich City on-street chargepoint project

Norfolk County Council are currently progressing a rollout of electric vehicle chargepoints in Norwich. The chargepoints will be available to all members of the public.


The project will help everyone access charging infrastructure, particularly those residents who do not have off-street parking. It is the first scheme of its kind in the county. The project is a crucial step in enabling the transition to electric vehicles by providing infrastructure for present and future demand.

Our chosen contractor is Blink (formerly EB Charging). Installation and ongoing maintenance of the charge points, and associated assets, will be funded and carried out by Blink. We are working closely with Blink to deliver the scheme and provide a solution that is appropriate for now but also fit for the future. We will be taking on board valued feedback from members of the public and key stakeholders.

Most of the chargepoints will be in the 7 to 22kW range. A small number will be rapid chargepoints.

Planned phases

Some streets may have more than one chargepoint. The first phase of works has been completed and future planned phase dates and durations are as follows:

  • Phase 1: Installations complete and operational or due to be powered up and ready to use in the coming weeks.
  • Phase 2: Installations complete and operational or due to be powered up and ready to use in the coming weeks.
  • Phases 3 and 4: Planned to run consecutively, starting immediately after the end of Phase 2, dates and durations to be confirmed.

Siting of chargepoints 

Further sites are currently being redesigned and information on these will be made available once proposals are ready.

Below is the full list of the streets where chargepoints will be sited and details of which phase of work has been reached:

Phase 1 (completed) 

  • Grove Road (a and b) - NR1 3RQ - Operational 
  • Telegraph Lane East (a) - NR1 4AL - Operational 
  • Onley Street - NR2 2EB - Operational 
  • Hobart Square - NR1 3JB 
  • Hall Road - NR1 3HQ - Operational 

Phase 2 

  • Dereham Road - NR2 4HT - 8 April for 2 days - Operational 
  • Bury Street - NR2 2DN - 10 April for 3 days 
  • Mill Hill Road - NR2 3DS - On hold 
  • Portersfield Road - NR2 3JX - 18 April for 2 days 
  • Mount Pleasant - NR2 2DQ - On hold 
  • Durham Road - NR2 2DX - 24 April for 3 days 
  • Gloucester St - NR2 2AX - 29 April for 2 days 
  • Earlham Road - NR2 3AD - 1 May for 3 days 
  • Walpole Street - NR2 1RX - 22 April for 5 days

Phase 3 

  • Branford Road - NR3 4QD 
  • Fishergate - NR3 1UE 
  • Patteson Road - NR3 3EW 
  • St Leonards Road (a) - NR1 4JF 
  • Starling Road - NR3 3ED 
  • Whitehall Road - NR2 3JT 
  • St Marys Plain - NR3 3AF 
  • Calvert Steet - NR3 1BT 
  • Wingfield Road - NR3 3HG 
  • Stafford Street - NR2 3BA 

Phase 4 

  • Dolphin Grove - NR2 4DS 
  • Heigham Street - NR2 4UN 
  • Charles Square - NR2 4BE 
  • St Clements Hill - NR3 3AB 

Restrictions are expected on some footways, requiring diversion of footway users, and some parking bays will also be temporarily suspended due to the works.

We will try to ensure the impact to footway users, and those living on these streets, is minimised. Although restrictions will cover the full duration of each phase, they will only be in force when signage is shown on site.

This page will be updated as work progresses. If you require further information, you may email

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