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Norfolk Partnership Laboratory

Norfolk Partnership Laboratory is a specialist advice centre providing Centre of Excellence in Pavement Engineering, Geotechnical Expertise and UKAS Accredited Laboratory Testing, to the public and private sector.

Norfolk Partnership Laboratory is one of the top 10 laboratories in the UK providing one-stop shop advice, testing and consultancy to the Construction Market.

Norfolk Partnership Laboratory is a UKAS Testing Laboratory No. 0920 performing a range of tests both on site and at the laboratory, as listed in our schedules of accreditation.

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At the Norfolk Partnership Laboratory we provide:

Site investigations

  • Geotechnical Desk Studies - expert local knowledge available including extensive database of Norfolk County Council records
  • Preparation of Ground Investigation contracts
  • Failure Investigations - Subsidence/Slips/Erosion, Remediation etc
  • Routine Investigations
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • NHBC Basic Investigations and Initial Assessments
  • Site and Laboratory testing of soil and groundwater
  • Advice and solutions for repair/remediation on failures
  • Geotechnical Risk Assessments for Slope/Stability problems
  • Estate Road Design to NHBC and NCC adoption guidelines
  • Supervision of all types of Ground Investigation


Geotechnical specialists

  • Geo-Environmental Desk Studies - expert local knowledge available
  • Geo-Environmental Investigations
  • Geo-Environmental Consultancy and advice including factual and interpretative reports
  • Contamination Investigations
  • Monitoring and detection of Landfill Gas
  • Monitoring and pump sampling of ground water for Environmental Assessments/Pollution Monitoring
  • Window sampling using tracked vehicle
  • Trialpitting, dynamic probing


Pavement engineering and assessment

  • Pavement design, failure investigation, asphalt selection
  • In situ testing and supervision for contract compliance audit checks and quality control


Performance testing

  • Diamond drilling of pavements (concrete and bituminous)
  • Site and laboratory testing of bituminous mixtures and concrete
  • Pavement failure investigations for design
  • In situ recycling design
  • Advice on use of recycled aggregates/materials for use in all pavement layers


Structural concrete condition surveys

  • Advice and consultancy from experienced engineers on suitability of existing concrete for its intended use
  • Design of remedial treatments
  • Recommendations for repairs
  • Non destructive testing


Pavement assessment

  • Highway condition assessment surveys. UKPMS CVI
  • Pavement assessment consultancy for impartial advice