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Regent Road

Works completed:  7 February 2020

We have improved Regent Road, King Street and Regent Street in Great Yarmouth for cyclists. The project started at the junction of Hall Quay with Regent Street and runs north-eastward towards the bus interchange, which is about 300m.

The main elements to the proposals were:

  • On Regent Street, between Hall Plain and Howard Street South, the use of on carriageway cycle markings are being considered to raise driver awareness of cyclists using the road
  • On Regent Street (north eastwards from its junction with Howard Street South), King Street and Regent Road to its junction with Dene Side and Theatre Plain
    • Changes to the existing cycle lane to widen it from 1.5 to 2m, where possible, and conversion from an advisory to a mandatory cycle lane. Physical segregation between the carriageway and cycle lane to protect cyclists at conflict points
    • Changes to the small island near Howard Street South to accommodate the wider cycle lane
    • Changes to the build outs at the junction of Regent Street/King Street and King Street/Regent Road to allow the buses to manoeuvre around the corners once the cycle lane is segregated from the main carriageway
  • Resurfacing from Howard Street North to Deneside

The scheme is now complete and Regent Road is open to traffic.

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