Norwich Western Link

The development of a Norwich Western Link, to connect the new Norwich Northern Distributor Road (NDR) from the A1067 to the A47 west of Norwich, is one of our top infrastructure priorities.  Since construction began on the NDR there have been sustained calls to fill in the ‘missing link’.

We have supported the development of a Norwich Western Link for a number of years and County Council members agreed in 2016 to include it as one of the County’s top three major infrastructure priorities, alongside the Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing and the Long Stratton Bypass.

A Norwich Western Link could give residents, businesses, visitors and people travelling through the area a number of important benefits, including:

  • Removing additional traffic from our congested suburban city streets and outer ring road west of the city
  • Adding to the benefits that dualling the A47 will bring
  • Reducing rat-running in villages to the west of Norwich, improving quality of life
  • Improving people’s living environment
  • Improving links and journey time reliability to the west and north of the county
  • Improving transport links to the A47 and beyond to the Midlands (including better connectivity to Norwich airport)
  • Supporting economic growth
  • Helping to encourage investment into Norfolk and encouraging further economic growth
  • Improving connectivity to the hospital, university and major employment areas at the Norwich Research Park

We are very mindful of the potential environmental impact of creating a link between the NDR and A47 and are in discussion with environmental bodies in order to proceed with the project in such a way that cares for and protects the natural environment.

  • Here you will find a timeline of activity and all the public documents relating to the project
  • More about Timeline

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