Report a flood

In an emergency

If there is any risk of danger to people or property from floodwater ring 999 immediately. This is an emergency service - non-emergencies such as domestic leaks are treated differently. 

Flooding on a road or footpath

Report a flooded road or footpath

Flooding from a burst water main or sewer flooding

Contact your service provider: 
Anglian Water Services
 or Suffolk and Essex Water

Flooding to your property

Norfolk County Council has a legal duty to investigate flooding incidents which internally affect properties. The resulting report identifies causes and recommends actions to prevent or alleviate the situation from happening again.

Individual property addresses are not published within the reports or shared with any commercial third parties.

Report flooding to your property

This service is not for emergencies. If you have photos or videos of flooding, email these with a description and as much information as you can -

You can also use the form tell us about past flooding that has affected your property or community.

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