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Hate crime

Norfolk County Council, the police, district councils and the NHS have a legal duty under the Crime and Disorder Act and Equality Act 2010 to work in partnership to protect potentially vulnerable people and combat crime and disorder in the area.

To support this, Norfolk Police have launched a new hate incident protocol called Stop Hate in Norfolk to support public, voluntary, private and community organisations and businesses in Norfolk and develop a standardised approach to tackling hate crimes and incidents.

Stop Hate in Norfolk also encourages businesses and organisations to become hate incident reporting places for people who have been a victim of hate.

Hate incidents can isolate and frighten individuals, cause tension in the wider community and are known to be under-reported.  Some people are particularly vulnerable to hate incidents – for example:

  • Disabled people including people with learning disabilities and people with mental health issues
  • Older people
  • People who are from a minority ethnic background
  • People who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender

We encourage anyone who has been victim of a hate incident or who has witnessed one to report it to the Police straightaway.

What is a hate incident?

A hate incident is any incident which the victim, or anyone else, believes is based on someone’s prejudice towards them because of their:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability
  • Gender identity

The difference between an incident being classified as a hate ‘crime’ or a hate ‘incident’ is determined by the police.

Hate incidents can include:

  • Name calling
  • Physical attack
  • Vandalism
  • Hate mail and texts
  • Hate material on social media
  • Theft

Reporting hate incidents

There are a number of ways to report a hate incident:

  • In an emergency always phone 999
  • In a non-emergency phone 101
  • Text 07786 200777 
  • Minicom number 0845 345 3458
  • Fax number 1953 424299
  • Contact the police via email: or visit their website to find out more
  • Use the online reporting form
  • Going to any Norfolk County Council public building such as libraries and reporting it, where staff will be able to assist if needed
  • Going to your district council, local police station or anywhere you see the ‘Hate Incident Reporting Place’ logo

You can report a hate incident if you are a victim, if you have witnessed an incident, or on behalf of someone else.

Norfolk County Council is working with Norfolk Constabulary and other partners to develop a new hate incident protocol for Norfolk.  Further information about this will be made available shortly.

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