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Sexual health

HIV testing

Unprotected sex can lead to sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV.

There are over 500 people living with HIV in Norfolk, with about 26 to 48 people receiving new HIV diagnoses per year. 

Test. Treat. Prevent.

Someone who is HIV positive and on treatment, with an undetectable viral load, has a very low to zero chance of infecting their sexual partner/s with HIV. 

Thanks to HIV drugs, doctors now see the infection as something that people can live very well with for a lifetime. This is especially true if they get an early diagnosis. 

To find out more about HIV, testing and treatment visit iCaSH Norfolk. iCASH also offer rapid HIV testing where you can see your result in 60 seconds. You can book an appointment on 01603 226666 or email

SH:24 also offer Free Testing HIV where you can get a confidential HIV testing kit sent direct to your home in discreet packaging.