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COVID-19 vaccination information for care providers

Norfolk and Waveney residents can get a free return taxi journey to a vaccination site to get a COVID-19 jab. The free 'jab cab' service is also available exclusively to staff working in health and social care settings to get to a flu vaccination.

It is important that everyone gets vaccinated to protect yourself and the people you care for.

Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care System has more information about vaccinations.

Book a COVID-19 vaccination

Book a flu vaccination

Tips for talking to staff members who are concerned about the vaccine

Some staff might have concerns about the vaccine. These tips might help you to speak to them about their concerns:

  • Help them to feel comfortable - have the conversation in a comfortable, confidential space, not in a busy corridor
  • Do not judge - people's concerns will be real to them. Allow them to finish telling you what they are worried or concerned about, and do not interrupt them with counterarguments. Some people may be afraid of having the vaccination, and fear can be a strong emotion
  • Be empathetic - show understanding of where the person is coming from
  • Listen properly - use active listening skills:
    • Have good eye contact and an open posture
    • Summarising what the person is saying to you lets them know that they are being heard
    • Using phrases like "so it sounds like...." or "it seems that...." can be helpful
  • Refer to beliefs that are worrying them as 'concerns' rather than 'myths'. A myth is not true so using the word to describe someone's genuine concern instantly dismisses it
  • Referring to evidence from credible sources of information might be helpful. For example:

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