Digital Connectivity

Mobile phone coverage

We commissioned an independent study in 2018, where we tested the mobile signal with consumer devices around Norfolk to establish a true picture of mobile voice and data coverage. 

We're using this information to work with mobile providers to improve coverage and tackle ‘not spots’ across the county. The survey covered:

  • More than 3,400 miles of Norfolk’s roads
  • 30 railway stations
  • Main railway lines
  • Enterprise zones 
  • Popular tourist destinations

The survey showed that phone signals for voice calls in Norfolk were an issue, with only 82% of call attempts being successful. The call failures happened throughout the county, across a broad range of locations and for all operators.

We've provided the information from the survey in interactive maps, allowing you to see which of the four major providers - EE, Telefonica/O2, Three and Vodafone – have the best coverage in your area for your needs.

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