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Funding for your tree project

Funding for tree planting schemes

We work with partners to help fund some of your tree planting ideas. We're also looking for new partners to work with.

We can help get you funding if your tree planting scheme meets the criteria of our partners. Or we might provide you with match funding if it meets our criteria.

For example, if:

  • It improves public accessibility
  • It boosts community involvement and/or positive biodiversity in Norfolk. For example, it links or expands woodland habitats.
  • It supports innovative projects, such as:
    • Expanding ancient woodlands by encouraging natural regeneration on adjacent land
    • Releasing trees from existing hedgerows
    • Helping community tree nurseries to produce disease-free stock
    • Reducing the use of peat products or plastic in the environment

Other funding

Your county councillor may still be willing to fund new trees from their discretionary member fund. You would need to approach them directly. We could still offer you planting advice, but you would need to source the trees independently. See our advice on how to source and plant trees.

If you are a farmer interested in increasing the width of hedgerows or trialling agroforestry we have some funded pilots available. Email for more information.