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Everyone's rights

Everyones rights

Every person has certain rights:

  • To keep safe and feel safe
  • To speak up and for people to listen to you
  • To be treated well and with respect
  • To make your own choices
  • To keep your things safe
  • To be who you are
  • To use the law

It is wrong for anyone to hurt you or make you feel unsafe.

It is wrong for anyone to treat you badly for who you are.

It is wrong for anyone to take or harm your things.

If anyone does any of these to you, it may be against the law. It may be a crime. If it is not a crime it is still wrong. It is called an incident.

No one has the right to hurt you.

You have the right to:

  • Tell someone if anything makes you feel bad
  • Report it if something is wrong
  • Tell the police if anyone does something against the law

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