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Reaching agreement about SEN Support

If you have concerns about your child's SEN Support, talk to your child's educational setting in the first instance. They will want to hear your views. You and your child should be involved in decisions being made about their SEN Support. 

Unable to reach an agreement with your child's educational setting?

You can: 

What is disagreement resolution? 

Disagreement resolution gives everybody a chance to give their own views and listen to others in a non-confrontational way. It is a way of seeking solutions that everybody can agree to.  

Who can request disagreement resolution? 

  • Parents/carers 
  • Young people 
  • Educational settings
  • Health department 
  • We can (the local authority) 

All parties need to agree to take part in disagreement resolution, as it is a voluntary process. It is a confidential service unless there are child protection issues.