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School and college

Going to school or college will mean you'll need equipment such as bags, sports equipment and pens.

School equipment

Your foster carer or residential worker will make sure you have all of the equipment you need and will replace it when it wears out.

School trips

All schools have trips out such as something fun at the end of the school term or a trip to somewhere educational. Your foster carer/residential worker and social worker will make sure that you have consent to go on trips and that they are paid for so don't lose out.

Some schools even go abroad for trips. If this happens and it is safe for you to go, then your carer/residential worker and social worker will make sure that you get the money so you can go.


If you are going to college and need special equipment to do your course such as safety boots or hairdressing equipment, then we will make sure you have what you need.

We will also make sure you have the money to travel to and from college as well as lunch money or a packed lunch.

When you reach the September after your 16th birthday you will get a personal allowance instead of pocket money. After this, you will begin to pay for some things yourself, such as transport to and from college or your lunch. Talk with your social worker and foster carer/residential worker before you get your personal allowance so that you can agree what you will pay for and also get some help with budgeting your money.

School Bag And Pencils 720 x 480

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