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Garden waste

We do not accept:

  • Ash trees, leaves and prunings - and they cannot be accepted by your local garden waste collection service for composting. This is because ash dieback disease is affecting ash trees across the country. Defra and The Forestry Commission recommend that householders who have any ash trees, leaves or prunings burn them on site, where permitted to do so. ¬†More information on ash dieback
  • Injurious or invasive weeds (eg ragwort, Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed and Himalayan balsam) - treat them in the area in which they are growing, and avoid moving them, as this significantly reduces the risk of them spreading. Government advice and guidance is available.
  • Any non-garden waste in the green waste bin including plastic bags. This contamination may stop the load being composted.
  • Large pieces of wood from tree cutting or pruning. These go in timber waste at your local recycling centre. 

We do accept the following garden waste at our recycling centres:

  • Garden and green waste from your own home
  • Soil and turf - although this is classed as DIY waste
  • Garden tools
  • Trees - except ash trees.  Branches over 10cm diameter will go in the timber bin. Please prune tree prunings into manageable sizes.
  • Water butts - one per household per week
  • Wood - see DIY waste

If you have large quantities of garden waste, contact Norfolk County Council in advance, letting us know how much you want to dispose of along with which recycling centre you'll be using and when. 

If you run a garden business, there is a charge to leave garden waste at selected sites. See Business and Trade waste. Customers using trade vehicles to deposit their own household waste may be asked to complete a disclaimer form.

Your local district, borough or city council may offer a garden waste kerbside collection. Please contact them to order or renew your brown bin.

There may be a Community Composting Scheme in your area - contact Norfolk County Council for further details.

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