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Highway development management publications

Download publications we use to help to deliver an effective and efficient development management service in Norfolk.

Safe, Sustainable Development: Aims and Guidance notes for Local Highway Authority requirements in Development Management

  • Date published - June 2011
  • Date of last review - July 2022
  • Date for next review - July 2024

This document contains aims and guidance notes intended to act as best practice and provide general guidance for use by local authorities, developers, designers, councillors, and the community on what is likely to be acceptable to the Local Highway Authority.

The intention is to ensure good design is achieved, thereby improving the safety and quality of the places in which we live.

Please note: From 1 January 2024, the Small Highway Works Agreement criteria and charges quoted at G5.1 within the document changed. At the discretion of the Local Highway Authority, a Small Highway Works Agreement can now be used for small scale works on non-strategic routes where the estimated value of which does not exceed £60,000. The upfront refundable cash deposit will be either £5,000 or £10,000 for smaller scale schemes and £20,000 or £30,000 for the higher value schemes.

Safe, Sustainable Development (PDF) [2MB]

Highways and Transport: Post-planning processes

  • Date published - July 2018
  • Date of last review - November 2019

This document contains guidance on interpreting standard highway conditions and how to deliver their requirements.  It is aimed at all planning stakeholders, particularly developers, planning applicants and consultants.  The document is divided into two parts and is designed to assist in the effective, efficient and safe delivery of development across Norfolk.  The guidance is not intended to be prescriptive and may be modified in certain instances to suit individual planning proposals.

This document is currently under review and not available to download at this time.  Should you require information regarding the guidance contained within the document please email

Street Lighting Developer Specification

  • Date published - July 2023
  • Date of last review - July 2023
  • Date of next review - July 2024

This document contains guidance on the provision of street lighting on developer projects across Norfolk County Council's highway network. The document will apply to all new installations and modifications to existing installations unless stated otherwise by the Electrical Services Team.

Download the Street Lighting Developer Specification (PDF) [315KB]

Traffic Signals Developer Design Guide

  • Date published - July 2019
  • Date of last review - March 2020
  • Date for next review - March 2021

This document describes and sets out the minimum requirements for all matters relating to the supply, installation and commissioning of traffic signals installations on Norfolk County Council's road network. The document will apply to all new installations and modifications to existing installations unless stated otherwise by the Traffic Signals Team.

The document is not intended as a full specification and use of this document in no way relieves the Promoter of their responsibilities to provide a safe design compliant with the regulations, codes of practice and national recommendations in force at the time. However, if any aspect of this document is not adhered to without the prior written permission from Norfolk County Council, then the Highway Authority has the right to refuse acceptance of all or any aspect of the installation.

Download the Traffic Signals Developer Design Guide (PDF) [587KB]

Parking Guidelines for new developments in Norfolk

  • Date published - October 2007
  • Date of last review - July 2022
  • Date for next review - July 2024

As Local Highway Authority, Norfolk County Council (NCC) produces Parking Guidelines for use throughout Norfolk. Local Planning Authority (in Norfolk this is the local city/district/borough council) standards will take priority.

These guidelines apply to parking provisions sought for new developments and do not seek to be retrospective and have no effect on parking arrangements attached to existing or consented uses.

Download the Parking Guidelines for New Developments in Norfolk  (PDF) [537KB]

Commuted Sums for Maintaining Infrastructure Assets

  • Date published November 2009

This document produced by ADEPT (Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport, formerly CCS, County Surveyors Society) aims to provide a transparent and consistent approach to the determination of relevant commuted sum payments for future maintenance aspects of adopted, or otherwise transferred, assets in England and Wales.

The County Council, as Local Highway Authority has adopted the principles contained within the guidance both to the seeking of and to the calculation of commuted sums for the additional maintenance costs resulting from development related highway improvements.

Download the Commuted Sums for Maintaining Infrastructure Assets (PDF) [689KB]