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Environment and planning policies

Climate change

Our Climate Policy and what we're doing to tackle climate change

Environmental policy

How we're working towards an enhanced environment and quality of life for Norfolk's residents

Local Nature Recovery Strategy

Includes What the strategy aims to achieve, How the strategy will benefit Norfolk and Who will deliver the strategy

Flood and water management policies

Includes Local Flood Risk Management strategy, Surface Water Management Plans and Norfolk Strategic Flooding Alliance strategy

Minerals and waste planning policies

Includes Adopted policy documents, Annual Monitoring Reports and Minerals and Waste Development Scheme

Air quality

Local authorities have a statutory duty to review and assess local air quality

Monitoring land use policies

We aim to promote sustainable development through an integrated approach to land use planning

Extreme weather report

Planning for extreme weather events associated with climate change in Norfolk

Sky lanterns and balloon release charter

Read about the Norfolk Sky Lanterns and Balloon Release Charter

Tree safety management policy

We have a responsibility to ensure our trees don't pose a danger to the public or property

Glyphosate policy

How we minimise the use of herbicides on land the Council owns or manages

Electric vehicle strategy

How we can support the uptake of electric vehicle use in Norfolk, including electric vehicle infrastructure