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Sky lanterns and balloon release charter

Norfolk County Council has banned the release of sky lanterns or balloons on any land or property owned by the County Council.

We are committed to encouraging businesses, communities, landowners and individuals to switch to alternative ways of celebrating and commemorating events.

The problem

Sky lanterns and helium-filled balloons can cause many problems

  • Sky lanterns pose a significant fire hazard to buildings, woodland and farmland
  • Some 'degradable' items can last for months or even years
  • Leftover parts from sky lanterns and balloons can trap or choke wildlife and livestock

The alternatives

There are many fun alternatives to balloon and sky lantern releases such as tree planting, flag flying, or even releasing giant bubbles! Visit the RSPCA website (opens new window) for more suggestions.

Our pledge

Norfolk County Council pledges to:

  • Promote the restriction of the release of all types of helium-filled balloon and sky lantern on property and land owned by the County Council. This includes those that are made from bamboo or claim to be biodegradable
  • Engage with businesses, communities, landowners, schools and individuals in Norfolk encouraging them to sign up to this charter
  • Raise awareness of safer and more environmentally friendly alternatives that people can celebrate with, through promotion and campaigns
  • If possible gather and record evidence of the impacts of sky lanterns and balloon releases in Norfolk

Save Our Seals - Flying Rings Campaign

Along with balloons and sky lanterns, litter from lost or discarded flying rings can also injure wildlife such as seals. Please don't take flying rings on the beach.

A flying ring is any type of throwing ring or frisbee, with a hole in the middle. They can easily get lost in water and end up as litter in the sea and on beaches. Young seals can get them stuck on their neck and as they grow, the rings cause injuries and sometimes death through infection and starvation.

How can I help?

  • Never use a flying ring on the beach or near waterways, swap it for a solid frisbee.
  • Sell solid frisbees instead of flying rings in shops and beach kiosks.
  • Tell your family, friends, schools, and groups about the dangers of flying rings.

Visit Nofolk Recycles to download the flying rings poster, make a pledge, and find out more.

Ncc Balloon And Lantern Charter

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