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Tech Skills for Life success stories

Tech Skills for Life West Norfolk has already impacted a huge number of people's lives, from teenagers who didn't have their own smartphone or any data, to young people who didn't have a computer to do their homework on.

Parents who couldn't fill forms in or attach files to emails have been given laptops, and older people who didn't understand how to video call using WhatsApp, or use a tablet to do their grocery shopping online, or add contact details to their smartphone, have all benefited hugely from free sessions with our friendly Community Tech Coaches. Anyone living in Kings Lynn and West Norfolk can get in touch and make an appointment for help with their tech to make daily life a bit easier.

Resident couldn't work out how to make calls, take photos, or create contacts on their mobile phone so didn't use it.

"We were extremely pleased with Janie's tuition. Janie explained everything slowly so we could absorb it! We are very grateful and would always ask for more help when needed. Many thanks!"

Resident with no fixed address was given a refurbished mobile phone and National Databank SIM card (6-months of data/calls/texts) to use as he starts a new job come with a wage and on-site accommodation

"Thank you so much, means so much, it's going to help me no end in moving forward in both life, and my work life."

Resident originally from the USA could not get through the 2-step authentication on mobile banking to send money back to America.

"I couldn't have used my laptop without your help I would have thrown it out the window.... Honestly! You've been so helpful, I can't thank you enough! And also my phone - I was locked out of my bank transfers, couldn't move money anymore. You've been so great. You're just wonderful, I really do appreciate you. I don't know what I would have done without you. I think what you're all doing is great, and I thank you all for helping everyone, not just one age or group - but for all!"

Resident struggling with health and loneliness due to being stuck inside so often, was gifted a refreshed laptop and shown how to do things like online food shopping (they struggle in crowded spaces) and keep in touch with people online.

"...I wouldn't have been able to afford to buy myself. And I like having the chats, getting out and communicating with people. The more you're in your house, the worse you feel."

Resident needed help filling out housing forms as she only had a mobile. She was gifted a refreshed laptop so she could apply for DLA for her 3-month-old baby, and attach and send evidence in relation to ongoing court case against her landlord.

"[the refreshed laptop] will help making filling out forms online easier and hopefully quicker and filling coursework needs. Better than using phone, very helpful indeed!"

Resident received a refreshed mobile phone and needed help to transfer her data from the old device to the new one.

"I want to mention your professionalism and kindness, that's the main thing, and you made me feel comfortable with everything. You explain things very well, ... you're easy to understand. How would I have got through all that bank verification if you didn't show me how to do it? I'd still be trying! ... You taught me everything I know now about the phone and internet! ... thanks to you transferring all the data over to my new phone. Couldn't have done it without you doing it. Change my life! In contact with people that I never would be otherwise. Feel safer as I have it with me. I live alone and sometimes when the phone goes out that's very handy to have a mobile isn't it!"

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