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Tech Skills for Life

  • Do you live in the West Norfolk, North Norfolk, or Great Yarmouth area?
  • Do your children need to do their homework, but you haven't got a laptop or internet access at home? 
  • Do you need to book appointments, buy things online and apply for jobs, but you've run out of credit or your phone screen is too fiddly? 
  • Have you got a smartphone, but think you might not be getting the best out of it? 
  • Do you wonder if you're missing out because you're not on the internet? 
  • Are you worried about staying safe from online scams?

Tech Skills for Life is here to help! 

Our friendly Community Tech Coaches can help you access laptops, tablets and internet data, and can give advice about affordable broadband. We can also teach you skills that will make technology easier to use and give you the confidence to use the internet safely. 

Free sessions with a Community Tech Coach will help you make the most of the online world. You could be refreshing your skills or trying digital, internet-based, or "techy" things for the first time. 

We aim to help you use tablets, computers, and smartphones, access the internet, and give you the skills and confidence to use technology in a way that works for you. 

Who is behind it?

Tech Skills for Life is a partnership led by Norfolk County Council. 

We are working with the NHS and a range of volunteer groups and local community organisations, to make sure everyone can use technology and access essential online services if they want to. 

Having completed a successful pilot scheme in West Norfolk, Tech Skills for Life is now expanding to cover North Norfolk and Great Yarmouth Borough areas. We're helping more people across Norfolk to access the right technology, learn how to use the internet and become more tech-savvy.

What can Tech Skills for Life do?

Our friendly Community Tech Coaches can help you, or someone you know who would benefit from their help, to use the internet to make everyday life easier. Community Tech Coaches can: 

  • Give you the skills and confidence to be safe online and use your tablet, laptop, or smartphone however you want. 
  • Show you how to borrow a smartphone, tablet or laptop. 
  • Discuss how you might be eligible for a smartphone, laptop or tablet to keep. 
  • Help you get free mobile data and find a more affordable broadband tariff. 
  • Teach you new skills and suggest useful outlets like classes or social groups. 

Check out some success stories of how Tech Skills for Life can help you.

Why should I give it a go? 

Tech Skills for Life is here to help you, your family and friends get online and use the internet to make life easier. 

  • Maybe you're curious about what the internet could do for you. 
  • Maybe you feel that affordable internet usage is out of your reach. 
  • Maybe your parents feeling more confident online would mean they could do their own online supermarket shop. 
  • Maybe a laptop or tablet would be more useful than a smartphone 

However you feel about the internet, whether it's the technology or the connection that's proving a challenge, Tech Skills for Life can help. Simply speak to a Community Tech Coach. 

How do I get started?

It's easy to get in touch. You, or someone you trust, can call us on 01485 536420 or 01493 448246. The line is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. A Community Tech Coach will answer your call, or you can leave them a message. 

Or you can complete our Tech Skills for Life online form: 

Tech Skills for Life online form

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