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About our pilot projects


Norfolk is the UK's driest county, and there's increasing pressure on the county's water supply. This is due to population growth and increasing agricultural, industrial and conservational use. When flooding occurs in the region, valuable freshwater is pumped from drainage ditches into the North Sea, where it becomes unusable.

Net Zero East will lead this project. It will study the feasibility of rediverting rainwater, surface water and drainage water towards key storage reservoirs across Norfolk. They will do this using in-depth understanding of the local area and best practice examples of water management projects.

Water Resources East will support the study. Reclaim the Rain and the Water Management Alliance will collaborate on data collection.

Key outputs

  • 1 feasibility study
  • 1 route map to new opportunities

Thematic objective(s)

  • Business Growth and Innovation
  • Climate change


  • April - October 2023


  • Project budget: £60,000
  • Norfolk Investment Framework funding: £60,000