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About our pilot projects

Wayland digital and creative media centre

Norfolk’s working population has fewer qualifications than the England average. Research from Future Breckland found that there is a lack of activities and places in the district for young people to meet.

Data shows that the digital, creative, and gaming sector in the UK has grown in value year-on-year. However, Norfolk businesses are struggling to recruit into these sectors.
Breckland District Council will lead this project to:

  • Offer residents the chance to gain digital skills,
  • Help grow Norfolk’s digital and creative businesses, and
  • Provide leisure facilities for young people.

The project will develop a business case for a 2,500 square metre digital and creative media centre in rural Wayland, near Thetford. The centre will offer flexible office, incubation, and training spaces. It will also provide leisure facilities for residents. These could include gaming, theatre, cinema, café, retail and gallery space.

Key outputs

  • Business case for digital and creative media centre
  • 10 businesses supported
  • 50 interactions with Norfolk residents and firms

Thematic objective(s)

  • Business Growth and Innovation
  • People and Skills
  • Public Services


  • April 2023 – June 2024


  • Project budget: £239,352
  • NIF funding: £226,812

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