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Adapting to climate change

Climate adaptation means adjusting to actual or expected changes in our climate. These actions help manage the risks that come with the impacts of climate change, even if we manage to rapidly reduce emissions.

We're working with partners across the county to make sure Norfolk is prepared for the impacts of climate change. This coordinated approach will maximise the effects of climate adaptation and resilience.

Norfolk Resilience Forum

We are partners in the Norfolk Resilience Forum which provides information to the public to help them plan and prepare for any emergency that may affect our county. Through the forum, we will with our partners to ensure:

  • Appropriate emergency response capabilities are maintained, and
  • Likely near-term scenarios including extreme heat, intense precipitation and flood are planned for and rehearsed

Norfolk Strategic Flooding Alliance

The Norfolk Strategic Flood Alliance was established in 2021 to improve collaborative efforts between strategic partners involved in flood prevention. Its goals are to ensure:

  • Norfolk communities and infrastructure are safer and more resilient to the risks of flooding, and
  • We have adequate water supplies during droughts

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