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North Norfolk SWMP

Norfolk County Council and North Norfolk District Council are working with Anglian Water Services, the Environment Agency and others to produce a Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) that assesses the flood risk in the North Norfolk District Council area.


The SWMP looks in detail at places that have suffered surface water flooding or have a high surface water flood risk.  Areas with concentrated surface water risk will be identified as Critical Drainage Catchments (CDCs). The CDCs form the main focus for partner engagement, detailed analysis and potential implementation of flood protection schemes.  An important part of the SWMP is engagement with local residents and stakeholders.


Stage 1 of the project involved bringing together a steering group to manage the project, gathering all available and relevant data and starting engagement with local resilience groups and Councillors.

Historic flood events and predicted flood risk from new surface water flood maps provided by the Environment Agency were analysed to identify the nine priority settlements for this project. Three of these settlements were chosen to be considered in Stage 2.

Stage 1 was completed on 16 May 2013.

Stage 2 of the SWMP is currently undertaking detailed assessments of Cromer, Sheringham and North Walsham areas.  This will lead to the production of detailed surface water maps and a range of mitigation options intended to reduce flood risk and the impact of surface water flooding.

Flood Risk modelling of mitigation measures featuring the three designated areas, above, is approaching completion (September 2016).

The North Norfolk SWMP steering group are currently assessing the outcomes and will be agreeing the next steps for this management planning in the near future.   

Flood investigation reports 

Tunstead (PDF) [787KB]
Strumpshaw (PDF) [329KB]

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