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The Flourish ambition

We want Norfolk to be a county where all children and young people can flourish.

This ambition has been inspired by the things young people have told us are most important to them:

  • Family and friends
  • Access to learning
  • The opportunity to lead a good life
  • Being understood
  • Building resilience
  • Respect for their individuality
  • Feeling safe
  • Being healthy

The Flourish framework

We have worked with young people to develop the Flourish ambition into a framework of impacts and outcomes. This framework forms the basis of the Flourishing in Norfolk strategy.


Impacts are the long-term, sustainable changes we want to secure for all children and young people in Norfolk:

  • Family and friends: Children and young people are safe, connected and supported through positive relationships and networks
  • Learning: Children and young people are achieving their full potential and developing skills which prepare them for life
  • Opportunity: Children and young people develop as well-rounded individuals through access to a wide range of opportunities which nurture their interests and talents
  • Understood: Children and young people feel listened to, understood and part of decision-making processes
  • Resilience: Children and young people have the confidence and skills to make their own decisions and take on life's challenges
  • Individual: Children and young people are respected as individuals, confident in their own identity and appreciate and value their own and others' uniqueness
  • Safe and secure: Children and young people are supported to understand risk and make safe decisions by the actions that adults and children and young people themselves take to keep them safe and secure
  • Healthy: Children and young people have the support, knowledge and opportunity to lead their happiest and healthiest lives


Outcomes are the differences we want to make which will lead to the impacts being achieved. You can read more about Flourish, our priorities and what we're doing in the Flourishing in Norfolk strategy.

How we are using Flourish

We are working together to make Flourish the shared ambition of everyone working to improve the lives of children and young people in Norfolk. We are doing this so that we can:

  • Agree and use a common language to define our aims and the outcomes we want to achieve
  • Think about our contribution, as part of a wider set of services, to enabling children and young people to flourish
  • Make the best use of our collective resources to achieve the impact we need to see for children, young people and families
  • Understand the impact of our services and work together - so that we know what difference we are making and what else we need to do

How we will know we are succeeding

We can get data and information from across our Strategic Alliance partnership. We will also be listening carefully to how children, young people and families feel about their lives so we can find out:

  • How well children and young people are flourishing
  • How well we are addressing the factors that affect these outcomes
  • The impact of the support we provide

The Flourish anthem

Completely written, composed, performed and sung by children and young people from all across Norfolk, our Flourish Anthem has been created to celebrate the potential for them to Flourish in our county, their home.

View the Flourish anthem on YouTube

How you can help

You can help make the Flourish ambition a reality by making a Flourish Pledge.

Make a Flourish Pledge

Norfolk young people tell us what Flourish means to them