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Local wildlife and geodiversity

County Wildlife Sites

The County Wildlife Site system is managed by a partnership led by Norfolk Wildlife Trust which also involves Norfolk County Council, Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service (NBIS), Natural England, the Environment Agency and the Broads Authority.

Roadside Nature Reserves

Roadside Nature Reserves are highway verges that are protected for their special wildlife interest. In Norfolk, there are 111 Roadside Nature Reserves designated by Norfolk County Council.

Local Nature Reserves

Local Nature Reserves are sites of importance for wildlife, geology, education or public enjoyment which are designated and managed by district and county councils (either directly through council ownership or by agreement with the landowner).

Norfolk County Council has designated 12 Local Nature Reserves (one jointly with Breckland District Council).

County Geodiversity Sites

County Geodiversity Sites are the geological equivalent of County Wildlife Sites - sites of importance for geology in a local context and used as an educational resource and designation. They also alert landowners and planners to the presence of interesting geology or landforms.

There are currently five County Geodiversity Sites in Norfolk.

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