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About Make Your Mark

Every two years, UK Youth Parliament runs a ‘Make your Mark ballot’ for 11-18 year-olds in the UK.

It’s your chance to say what issues matter to you the most.

We want to hear from as many of you as possible to get your opinions heard.

The next ballot is February 2024. We want to hear from as many of you as possible to get your opinions heard.

How voting works

Voting for the Make your Mark ballot takes place at the same time as the Youth Parliament Member elections.

On your ballot paper there will be a shortlist of issues that are important to young people today. You will vote for the one issue that you think is most important.

Who decides which issues are on the ballot?

Youth Parliament Members (YPMs) take a vote to create a shortlist of the top national issues. They choose from a longer list of the issues they promised to focus on when they stood for election.

What happens after the ballot

YPMs go out into their communities and discuss the top issue with young people to find out what young people’s concerns are. In November YPM went to the Houses of Parliament to debate the concerns raised by young people. You can watch the UK Youth Parliament afternoon session: Friday 4 November 2022 via YouTube then vote on the biggest concern.

Norfolk Youth Parliament to take part in the UK-wide campaign voted for in the House of Commons.

We'll give you resources, ideas and opportunities to help get your voice heard.

Ballot results

In Norfolk, over 37 schools and colleges took part in 2022's Make your Mark campaign. See the top issues you voted for in 2022.

Find out what the Youth Parliament has done to tackle issues so far.

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