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Primary school road safety education courses

Active Travel Survey

An Active Travel Survey allows for Norfolk Road Safety Team to support your school and reach your school's goals. The purpose of the Active Travel Survey is to gather information which will help you and your school to think about active travel, what pupils experience, projects available to your school and what you would like to achieve as a school.

There are 3 stages to the process:

  • An online pre active travel questionnaire will be sent to the school
  • A member of the Road Safety team will then discuss in a one to one support session the results and support you and your school with setting goals which links into your school overall objectives, plan how these can be achieved and options available to your schools
  • Six months later, a post active travel questionnaire will be sent. This will be followed up by a one to one support session with a member of the Road Safety Team.


To consider the schools active travel policy in promoting and encouraging safe active travel and to support your school achieve its long term goals.

Project Details

Active Travel Survey can be conducted at any point of the academic year.

The Survey is best led by the school's manager or travel lead.


  • Develop a list of goals, plans to encourage active travel
  • Reducing barriers to and encourage active travel
  • Discuss road safety and practical initiatives to suit your school's needs


This session is free of charge as funded by Norfolk County Council Public Health.


If you and your school would like to know more about the benefits the Active Travel Survey or are interested in booking an Active Travel Survey please email

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