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Secondary school road safety education courses

Step On It - pedestrian sessions

This interactive session is designed to help empower pupils to make safe choices when travelling to and from school teaching pupils the key concepts of being a safe pedestrian. Pupils will be reminded about the Green Cross Code, finding safe places to cross the road and encourage pupils to think about how other road users will view them as pedestrians, looking specifically at the area around the school and looking at the issue's pupils may encounter


To help pupils to understand and develop behaviours, to creating safe and confident pedestrians, to give the students the skills needed to become independent travellers.

Course details

This pupil experience session is delivered live online using Microsoft Teams and runs for approximately 45-60 minutes.

This session is suitable for key stage 3 pupils.

Learning objectives

  • Reminder - to know and understand the green cross code
  • To know and understand what a safe place to cross is
  • To know and understand what safe behaviours are, as a pedestrian
  • To know and use the highway code and road signs


This session is free of charge as funded by Norfolk County Council Public Health.


If you are interested in booking a session or finding out more about this experience please email .