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Development of the proposed scheme

How did you select the potential location for the crossing?

Assessment work to consider possible options was undertaken between 2003 and 2009 which led to Norfolk County Council adopting a preferred route for the Third River Crossing in December 2009.

Have any other options been considered?

During the examination of crossing options the following alternatives have been considered and discounted:


A tunnel option would have no impact on the operation of the port once complete but would take approximately 3 years to construct, and would have a greater impact on the port during construction. A tunnel would require mechanical and electrical systems for ventilation, drainage and fire protection. It would be difficult to prevent flood waters from entering the tunnel so temporary closures due to flooding could be considered a possibility.

Fixed bridge

A fixed bridge that was high enough to allow vessels to pass beneath without opening would need much greater areas for approach ramps. This would have greater impact on surrounding residential and business areas and would make it very difficult to link with the existing highway network on either side of the river.

Swing bridge

A swing bridge would require a greater area of quayside to accommodate it when open. At the stage 2 consultations in summer 2017 a swing bridge was present as an alternative to the preferred option of a twin leaf bascule bridge. The results of this consultation confirmed the view that there is overall support for the proposed scheme of a bascule bridge at 4.5m clearance.