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Are you talking to landowners whose properties are located within the footprint of the scheme?

Norfolk County Council will need to acquire land in order to build the Proposed Scheme. Where we do not already own or control the land, we have started negotiations with the relevant landowners. In addition many of the residential properties directly affected by the Proposed Scheme have already been purchased by NCC.

However, as part of our application for Development Consent Order we have applied for powers which would allow us to acquire land, and rights over land, compulsorily (subject to payment of compensation) if it has not been possible to acquire by agreement.

Would there be any compensation be offered to those who live near the Proposed Scheme?

Under Part 1 of the Land Compensation Act 1973 compensation can be sought by people who own and also occupy certain property that has been reduced in value by physical factors caused by the scheme but have not had any land acquired for the scheme itself.

The physical factors are noise, vibration, smell, fumes, smoke and artificial lighting and the discharge on to the property of any solid or liquid substance. Other factors such as the loss of view or privacy cannot be included in the claim for compensation.

To claim, you must be the owner of the property on the date the road first comes in to public use. This is known as the 'relevant date'. You must also still be the owner on the date you claim.

In addition to being the owner, you must also occupy the property as your home at the date you claim. The exceptions to this are where you have let the property to someone else or there is another legal reason preventing you from occupying the property.

The first day for claiming compensation is a year and a day after the new or altered highway first comes into public use. This is known as the 'first claim day'.