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Childcare sufficiency

Our statutory duty

We have a statutory duty to ensure there is sufficient childcare for 0-14 year-olds, whose families wish to access childcare. We also have a statutory duty to ensure there are sufficient early learning places for all eligible¬†2, 3 and 4 year-olds. Childcare provision needs to support parents or carers who are in work or training for work.

The childcare market in Norfolk

The latest Childcare Sufficiency Assessment (CSA) was published in January 2023 with this year's annual report being endorsed by John Fisher, the Norfolk County Council Cabinet Member for Children's Services. This CSA reports on the sufficiency of the childcare market across Norfolk up to the end of August 2022.

Download the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2022 (pdf) (PDF) [5MB]

In addition to the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment, bespoke Early Years Sufficiency Profiles can be particularly useful if you are:

If you have any questions regarding the latest Childcare Sufficiency Assessment or wish to know more about how to obtain bespoke profiles for your planning requirements contact the Place Planning Officer. Email