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Special education provision we expect from places of learning

How young people have told us they want to be supported

Norfolk SEND Youth Forum are a group of children and young people from 11 to 25 years old with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Disabilities.

They have told us what support young people would like to have in their education.

  • We are unique and we all need different things. We all need help sometimes, but we do not always feel able to ask for it
  • You can help by asking us how we want to be supported and what we need to help us

These are our 'top tips' for adults who support us:

  • Don't judge us before you get to know us. Talk to us and listen to what we have to say.
  • Make sure that we understand what kind of help and support is available to us
  • Understand that we might find it difficult to ask for help. Check in to make sure that we have understood and to help us focus.
  • Make sure there is a named, trusted adult that we can talk to
  • Give us extra time to think, to understand and to answer questions. It takes the pressure off!
  • Use short clear instructions broken down into small steps
  • Remind us about what we need to do if we forget
  • Support us to use things that might help us, like a fidget toy or a laptop to help with writing
  • Give us time and space to calm down if we are feeling annoyed or frustrated