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Help to cope with change

Positive activities that support good transitions

Additional support for children and young people with SEND could include:

  • Organising extra visits for CYP with SEND to give them more time to get used to the setting and people
  • Taking photos of the new setting and looking at them with the CYP to keep the new setting fresh and familiar in their mind
  • Introducing prompt cards or checklists to help them remember what to do/where to go
  • Using social stories to help prepare the CYP for change
  • Using a ‘My new school’ booklet or transition pack to introduce key changes and give information about the new setting
  • Giving out a clear map of the site and/or timetables
  • Identifying a ‘go to’ person for CYP and families to contact
  • Working with health professionals to adapt the learning environment and ensure accessibility
  • Organising specialist training for staff
  • Providing specialist equipment or resources to facilitate access to learning
  • Completing a ‘my usual week looks like this’ timetable with CYP and their parents/carers to provide additional background information to pass on to the new setting

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