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Making decisions and gaining independence

Preparing for adult life (PfAL) is a journey for you and your young person with SEND. It starts with very simple choices. Over time your young person will gain experience of decision-making. The important part of the PfAL journey, is to give your young person opportunities to make decisions. The hard part is resisting the urge to jump in and make the decision for them.

Case study: Read a parent's experience of helping her children with SEND gain independence skills.

Useful articles and tools on how a child or young person can learn independence skills:

Holidays and short breaks

If your young person goes on holiday, or uses the short break service, it is can be a great chance for them to practice their decision-making skills. They will have to:

  • Think about what they will need, or would like to take with them
  • Practice social skills and gain confidence

Some short break providers run schemes that have a very strong focus on preparing for adult life.

Find out more information about short breaks online.

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