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Disabled access venues

Norfolk is continuously working towards improving accessibility in the community. We recognise that accessibility needs are diverse, and no two people are the same.

Being out in the community can mean that there are situations that you might want to be prepared for.

When planning where you want to go, these are some of the things that you might want to consider:

  • Transport links - to make your arrival and departure as stress free as possible
  • Disabled parking
  • Disabled access such as ramps, automatic doors, and lifts
  • Toilets - where they are and what facilities are available
  • Corridor and aisle widths - particularly if you are a wheelchair user
  • Accessible areas and provision for accessibility
  • Are access dogs allowed
  • Access to a soundfield system or radio aid
  • Busy times and quieter times
  • Lighting
  • Noise - such as background music
  • The venue temperature

Venue websites can be good place to start when planning a visit, they may include information that helps you to prepare such as:

  • Graphs that show you when the quieter and busier days and times are
  • Photographs of the venue that might give you an idea about lighting, colours, spaces
  • Maps
  • Leaflets
  • Menus
  • Suitable clothing to wear

If you can't find the information that you need, you could ring or email the venue to ask about the things that you need to know. They may even be able to offer additional assistance if they know when you will be visiting.

Planning the visit may also help you to consider what you need to take with you to make the visit as successful as possible, such as ear defenders.

It is impossible to plan for every eventuality but the more prepared you are, the calmer you might feel when visiting places in Norfolk.


If you feel that further improvements could be made, please give the venue constructive feedback - venues and services can't change unless they know what the issues are.

Most businesses will welcome constructive feedback so that they can improve their venue or service.

It is just as important to give compliments when a venue or service gets it right, this can sometimes give confidence for them to go further in their access journey!

Find accessible places in the Norfolk Community Directory using accessibility filters

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