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Health documents and equipment

There are documents, equipment, products and technologies available, that can help your young person:

  • Communicate their health needs
  • Keep records about their health
  • Be independent and manage their health

Personal health template

A personal health template is useful for general health needs. It can be used to record your young person's health needs and other useful information.

Download a personal health template.

Hospital passport

A hospital passport contains important information that your young person may need if they are going into hospital.

Download a hospital passport template from the Mencap website.

Watch Mencap's video on how a hospital passport can be used.

Communication passport

Creating a communication passport can help people understand how your young person communicates.

A communication passport can include information about your young person. For example, they:

  • Are non-verbal
  • Use signing to communicate and help understand
  • Use symbols/photosymbols to help understand
  • Are not able to read, or have poor reading skills

Your young person's communication method may differ, depending on whether it takes place:

  • Face-to-face
  • On the phone
  • In writing

Find guidance and templates for communication passports.

Watch this Mencap video on communication needs.

Health products, equipment and technologies

There is health equipment and other are products available, that can help your young person be independent and manage their health.

Visit the AskSARA website for information and guidance on products to make life easier. For example, there are products that can help them:

  • Communicate their needs
  • Manage their medication
  • Keep clean and manage personal hygiene
  • Call for assistance
  • Electronically share health data (known as Telecare)

How health providers should help young people with SEND, understand health information

All health providers need to meet the accessible information standard. This is explained in an easy read document.


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