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Completing our family

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Rachel and her partner had a son of their own but wanted to adopt to complete their family. They applied to adopt through Norfolk County Council.

"The training was brilliant. There was a lot of information and we were very well supported by our social worker. The matching stage was excellent and we were given everything we needed to know to make a decision."

During the matching process, it became clear Rachel was having a very emotional reaction to the children's case studies. "We were advised of a potential match which sounded perfect. But because I'd been so emotional, we were given some extra time to think things through - could we support and give a home to this child?"

The little boy was already in the process of having adoption confirmed as the best plan for him long before he was suggested as a potential match for Rachel and her partner. There was some delay as the adoption plan was being scrutinised, and eventually agreed by the courts.

"The wait was tough and there was no guarantee the adoption would go through. As Christmas was approaching, we resolved to slow down, pause and reflect. We decided to make it the best Christmas ever for our birth son."

The couple brought their adoptive son home in 2022. "We can't believe how lucky we are to have him in our family. During the adoption process, you wonder what the baby will be like. The training is hard hitting and covers the impact of trauma on a child. But when we met him, he was the perfect fit for our family, we just adore him."

Rachel has this advice for prospective adopters. "If you are feeling unsure about adopting, you really have to pay full attention in training. Adoption isn't the same as having a birth child because the child is likely to have experienced trauma as a result of things that have happened in their past. You have to be fully aware of how trauma and loss can affect a child. Be ready to learn and go in with your eyes open."

*Names have been changed to protect confidentiality

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