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SNAP matching tool

The East Norfolk in Care Council (NICC) group has developed SNAP. It's a matching tool for young people in care and foster carers.

SNAP is a document that has been designed for you to fill in with your social worker. It allows you to give lots of information about the things you like to do, things you like to eat and the things you don't like. It's useful because it lets the placement team know how you feel about things. For example, do you like living with other children, living with pets and activities you enjoy. It also gives you the chance to talk about how you like people to deal with things. For example, if you get angry or sad and how much time you like to spend on your own.

When the document is completed, the SNAP matching tool will be used to match you with the best foster care home we can find. This gives you have the best chance of settling-in well and being happy whilst living there.