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Pocket money

Every child and young person in care over the age of 5 will get pocket money, but how much depends on your age

Facts about pocket money

  • Every child and young person experiencing care in Norfolk over the age of 5 is entitled to receive pocket money
  • This is included in your foster carers basic allowance and it must be used for you
  • Pocket money can be given to you in cash, put away into a savings account, used for phone credit, used to pay for something you have damaged etc
  • Pocket money cannot be taken away as punishment. This isn’t to say that your foster carer can’t withhold pocket money from you for a short amount of time, but it must be put into a savings account for you instead or used to pay for something that has been damaged for example. 
  • If you don’t get your pocket money in cash, this is probably because it is being saved for you or being used to pay for something that has been damaged or for phone credit (though there are lots of other reasons why you might not get pocket money in cash). Pocket money is different for everyone but if you are worried, talk to your foster carer, social worker or independent reviewing officer (IRO) to find out what is happening in your situation.

How much pocket money should I get?

The amount that each person get varies, however the minimum amount that you should get is:


  • Under 5 years-old: at your carers discretion
  • 5–7 years-old: £2 per week
  • 8–10 years-old: £3 per week
  • 11–12 years-old: £3.50 per week
  • 13 years-old: £4.50 per week
  • 14 years-old: £6 per week
  • 15 years-old: £7 per week
  • 16 years-old (until you complete year 11): £8 per week

These are the total amounts – pocket money can be split between cash given to you and money being put into a savings account.

Many young people in care get more than these amounts so it will vary from household to household, but you cannot be given less than the amounts described above. Many foster carers will give you more if you do simple jobs, like keep your room tidy, wash dishes and walk the dog, just like in most families.

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