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Life Story Work Animation

This animation was made as some young people felt they didn't always understand why they were in foster care and felt that good Life Story Work would help children and young people understand this better. A group of young people had further discussion around this with Head of Social Work Tina Hayden Jones and Simon Hammond (a life story work researcher from UEA). From these conversations an idea for an animation around the importance of life story work was born!

A group of young people have helped developed the script and worked with Phoebe Owen, a student animator from Norwich University of the Arts on the design and concept Ideas. They have also recorded the audio and some of their pictures are included within the animation.

What do young people say about the animation?

"It's amazing! Everyone should be so proud"

"I like that we have all been involved in different ways, some didn't want to be recorded so we helped with the script and its good how all our ideas are put together!"

"I really enjoyed recording the audio for this animation and working with Phoebe the animator she was really nice!"

What do workers say about the animation?

"That's amazing! Thank you so much for sharing, that was so insightful."

"Hearing from children is so much more powerful"

"This is amazing, I hope all social workers can get a copy of this"

How will the animation be used?

This animation will play an important part in life story approach training. All workers and carers will  see this animation and know why life story work is so important to children and young people who are looked after.

We have received great feedback from the national organisation research in practice who love the animation and work of Norfolk's in Care Council and who plan to use the animation in their national training on life story work.

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