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Private renting

You can rent privately from a landlord (property owner). This could be through a letting agency or directly with the landlord.

You will be responsible for paying your rent and bills, so it is important to find somewhere affordable.    

Landlords often want rent in advance, a damage deposit and someone to be a guarantor. If you do not pay your rent or cause damage to the property, a guarantor must pay instead.   

Ask your social worker or personal adviser for more information about private renting. They can help you work out how much rent is affordable. This will be based on your income or the amount of Local Housing Allowance you receive through Universal Credit.     

Finding a rental property

There are many websites you can find properties for rent:

You can also check local newspapers, or Google 'property rentals Norfolk' to find local letting agencies.

Viewing properties 

When you look at any properties, it is worth taking someone with you for support. They can help make sure you ask the right questions, so you know the property is suitable for you.

Before signing any tenancy agreement (the rental agreement between you and the landlord), it is important:  

  • You are happy with the condition of the property 
  • You know how much rent is and when it needs to be paid
  • That an inventory check is completed. An inventory check is a list of all the items (furniture and equipment) that are in the property

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