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East NiCC

Where is it?

The Norfolk in Care Council (NiCC) in the East, meets in Great Yarmouth but covers the whole of the East of Norfolk.

Your foster carer can provide transport to meetings, but if they can’t, we can help with transport to make sure you can take part.

When does the group meet?

The group meets in the evening on the first Wednesday of each month between 5-7pm. Food is provided and is open to any young person with experience of care by Norfolk Children’s Services. This includes care leavers too.

What has East NiCC been doing?

East NiCC has created the SNAP matching tool for children and also 'SNAP together' for foster carers. Foster carers will complete it so children and young people can see what a foster carer is like, find out about their home and the kinds of food, hobbies and activities they enjoy. The NiCC group thought this would be useful, so if a child or young person moves at short notice, they can read about the foster carer and know something about them before meeting them.

What is East NiCC doing next?

The East NiCC is also involved in the young inspector’s programme and helped develop it. Several members of East NiCC are now young inspectors and have visited residential homes to give their opinion on the service that they offer.

The East group have come up with social worker profile questions so that children and young people receive some information about their new social worker before they meet them. They met with the looked after children's team manager who has shared these with the social work teams and they are going to make sure all children and young people see these when getting a new social worker.

The group have also been looking at the 'passport to independence' and would like to redesign it. They will work with other NiCC groups to do this. They have already created a survey for foster carers and young people 12+ who may have experience with the passport and will use the results from this as well as their own experiences to make recommend changes.

If you would like more information, email us at

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