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Using community services safely

Finding the support you need in your local community can be really rewarding. But it's good to remember a few simple things to help make sure you stay safe and have a positive experience.

  • Think carefully about activities you are considering and make sure you can take part safely. For example - Is it intended for someone of your fitness level and abilities? Has the organiser thought about how to keep people taking part safe?
  • If your children are involved, make sure that it is something that is suitable and safe for them.
  • Check what money you might need before you take part.
  • Always try to check upfront about how accessible a venue is. For example, is it wheelchair accessible, or does it have a loop hearing system?
  • Make sure you know who to contact if something isn't going right
  • Find out about what to do if you are worried that you or someone else is being abused

Many of these kinds of groups can be found on the Norfolk Community Directory

Download the easy read version (PDF) [509KB]